Enthusiasm. Unrestrained. Simplicity.


Our philisophy...

Going abroad and getting to know other cultures is always interesting. Visiting one of your closest friends in Dublin - Ireland - and experiencing your first real whiskey is, next to interesting, very much fun.

An ordinary Wednesday night in rainy Dublin became legendary. Friendship, having the time of your life when least expected and the unrestrained simplicity of trying new things (like whiskey) were the basic ingredients of the trip.

And pretty tasty ingredients we think. To always keep them on top of mind, the brand name Wednesday Whiskey was founded. So, the reason for choosing ‘whiskey’ instead of ‘whisky’ was due to this legendary Ireland experience.

Wednesday Whiskey is a Dutch brand established in 2013. Wednesday Whiskey stands for unrestrained simplicity and well distilled premium basics.


Marijn Verschure
Founder Wednesday Whiskey